I’m happy to inform you, that on January 30th we are waiting at PM.Hall a legend of Italian cuisine – Chef Nicola Batavia (@ nicola.batavia.birichin), restaurant Birichin (Turin).
A man who, refused Michelin stars for the creative freedom in the creation of dishes.
A person who has turned his passion into work and is constantly creating new masterpieces, drawing inspiration from various culinary trends. The official chef of the Olympic Games in Turin, Beijing and London, the founder of the most popular restaurants around the world!

Dinner Menu:

  1. “Cappuccino-The Egg-11.06.14”
    The unique combination of the author’s supply and taste. Cappuccino “Carbonara” – an exquisite aperitif with crunching parmesan chips.
  2. “I went fishing”
    Mediterranean dish. Fish, seafood, seasonal vegetables and spices.
  3. “Risotto. Winter 20”
    Winter risotto will envelop you with the aroma of mandarin, fermented cheese, pumpkin and caramel notes.
  4. “From the Olympic of TurIn 2006 to Kyiv Veal and Tuna 2006
    An amazing combination of meat and fish dishes. A duet of tender veal and tuna, spicy flavors and seasonal vegetables.
  5. “Love Piedmont” Torino 2006
    Chocolate dessert with berry culie, delicate mousse, fruit and more.

* Espresso and holly pop
a cup of Italian coffee with a sweet compliment
** Each dish will be accompanied by a glass of wine, specially selected by our sommelier.