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My Thermomix

What is Thermomix® TM6? This is a universal kitchen robot that can easily replace more than 12 devices in your kitchen. Thermomix® TM6 it’s a kitchen iPhone, Tesla, Rolls Royce in one case. When you see and try to cook on it, your life will never be the same again.

Thermomix® TM6 is the newest generation of technology: it has built-in Wi-Fi and access to a worldwide recipe database of all countries of the world. He will always tell you the best recipe, give a list of products to it and step-by-step cooking instructions. Its possibilities are staggering, it completely changes the attitude to cooking, saves time, energy, and helps to reveal all the culinary potential. The Thermomix will be your best friend and the most valuable assistant in the kitchen.

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The scope of TM6 is just amazing. He One will immediately replace your ALL professional tools in your kitchen. Here is what he can do:

  • Weigh (Oh yes, the built-in scales in 1 gram increments is just a fairy tale!)
  • Cook and stew (The most necessary function in any kitchen, where without it?)
  • Steamed (Delicious diet foods are now being prepared in two touches)
  • Crushed and milled (Treat yourself to the most fresh and aromatic coffee in the morning)
  • Сombine (mix the ingredients and fill the salad with sauce in 1 second)
  • Grind (to make everyone’s favorite potato pancakes now take just 1 minute)
  • Whipping (in seconds proteins or whip cream in slight cloud – it’s a magic)
  • Mix (now making sauces, hummuses or mashed potatoes is easier than ever! You need to put all the ingredients, mix them, beat and the masterpiece is ready!)
  • Heat (Electric heating with a fine adjustment will allow you to change the temperature gradually from 37°C to 120°C in increments of 5°C)
  • Emulsify (Treat yourself to your own sauces, mayonnaises and dressings)
  • Kneading the dough (Sport is great, but turning cooking into a workout is no longer necessary)
  • fermentation (Cook at home the most delicate yoghurts in the composition of which you are completely sure)
  • Sous-vide (Long cooking at low temperatures. Medallions or duck breast with tender pink juicy meat - treat yourself by restaurant dishes at home)
  • New mode: High temperature (160 ° C, you can make caramel or candy lollipops)

Cooking with Thermomix becomes extremely simple and childishly fun. And most importantly - healthy food will now become your daily motto.

Treat yourself and take care of your health!

Its speed - your time!

What distinguishes it from other equipment? He's really smart and he has a soul. With it, you will definitely want to enjoy yourself and your family with healthy, useful, vitaminized foods and restaurant dishes.

And all this in a matter of seconds!

    For example:
  • Fresh, smoothie, lemonade = 30 seconds
  • Salad, hummus, snack = 60 seconds
  • Mousse, ice cream, sorbet, dessert = 3 minutes
  • Any dough = 2 minutes

...and you can cook 3-5 dishes at the same time in 30 minutes!

Thermomix is equipped with:

  • Base with touchscreen, built-in Wi-Fi and the platform of the world-wide Cookidoo recipe database
  • Bowl of medical stainless steel which is provided with integrated heating
  • Universal self-sharpening knife (you can turn the reverse mode, and have gentle stirring)
  • Steam basket
  • Nozzle "Butterfly" allows you to make light airy texture of sauces, mousses, proteins, cream
  • The main cover of the mixing bowl
  • Cap (it is also a measuring cup for 50 and 100 milliliters)
  • Mesh splash protection
  • Two-level console Varoma
  • Cover for consoles Varoma
  • Silicone spatula with safety limiter

  • ***all the details, except the Base with the screen can even be washed in the dishwasher.

Order Thermomix® TM6

The price includes delivery in Ukraine and consultation, and as well as a test drive within Kiev 1 490 € Special offer!
Payment is available in any currency, as well as payment by installments

I am the official brand chef of Thermomix in Ukraine, and I will gladly do all the detailed consultation on the issues. For your better acquaintance with Thermomix and its test drive, I will bring him to your object (restaurant, office, home). We can cook a couple of dishes together on it and I will share with you everyday kitchen life hacks and tips on working with this miracle of technology.

I guarantee that the next day after meeting with the Miracle robot, you will call me and say: "Daria, we want Thermomix, bring it to us, right now!"

For all questions and consultations, make a call:
+38(050) 564-16-52